Dirt Joy Jewelry

I believe in beautiful things. I believe in creating for the sake of creating. I believe in dressing for the sake of being your best self every day. I believe in the balance of all things: masculine and feminine, grit and grace. I make jewelry to offer a little piece of me and these inspirations to you.


What's my ring size?

The most accurate way to measure your ring sized is with an inexpensive, adjustable sizer (like this one). You can also visit a jeweler and ask to be sized.

Jewelry care

Metals will tarnish when exposed to oxygen. You canuse an inexpensive Sunshine Polishing Cloth to restore shine. Toclean heavily tarnished brass and leave a matte finish, soak in equal parts hydrogenperoxide and vinegar for 20+ minutes. Rinse, dry, and wear. Discard the mixture after each use. Consider storing your jewelry in anairtight container to prevent tarnish.

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