Lisianthus for Days

This high tunnel was filled with ranunculus and anemones not a couple weeks ago. As the flowers died down, the weeds shot up, so step one was to mow it all down. Then these guys pulled the fabric and the drip tape we’d laid down in the fall, rototilled with a walk-behind BCS, and laid the drip tape and fabric back down. Next step: replant.

The harvest on lisianthus is going to be insane.

Farm Girls

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, if you’re doing it with good peoples, it’s fun.

I am lucky to have a really fun job.

Irises & Poison Ivy

Somewhere in my greenery gathering I got a wicked case of poison ivy. Not my favorite plant.

These irises made up for it, though it’s also possible I contracted my poison in the iris patch…

So I retreated to the greenhouse to pot up transplants. Problem solved.

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