Sahara Rudbeckia

These make me feel like there should be pumpkins around. And apple cider and sweaters. I’m ready for fall, you guys.

With temps in the 90s and the dew-point high, it definitely does not feel like fall these days. I’m up at 5am to make it to the farm early, and even still we’re out there sweating buckets. It’s worth it.

Tres autumnal, non?

Zinnia Rainbow

Ok, how fun is this?!?!?!

We trimmed back the first blooming of zinnias in order to encourage longer stems and more growth, and I couldn’t just let the deadheads languish in the field.

After I took the photograph, there was nothing left to do but sweep the flowers into a bucket and toss them in the compost. I felt like a Tibetan monk with her sand mandala, grateful for the experience of having made it.

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