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I'm Zoe. I help mission-driven business owners increase sales & engagement with personalized messaging, websites, and marketing coaching.


Overwhelmed trying to do it all?

You're not supposed to be a marketing expert, and you don't have to be. My system starts with powerful messaging designed to attract your perfect customer. From there, we'll build or revise your website so that customers love doing business with you. You'll also get expert advice on which strategies to implement (and which to avoid) so you can eliminate wasted time, gain confidence in your marketing, and get back to doing what you love.


Do you stress about content?

Are you stuck on the Instagram treadmill? Are you constantly trying to come up with content? Do you ever wonder if it's worth the time and energy? There's a better way.


Is your website selling you short?

Your website is a critical piece of your marketing strategy. If it isn't set up properly, you're losing business. There's a formula for creating beautiful, functional websites that make customers want to buy—and you don't have to figure it out on your own. 


What I offer



We'll take a high-level view at your goals for your business and the problems standing in your way. Then, I'll help you design an effective marketing strategy tailored to your unique (busy) schedule so you can stop stressing and get back to doing what you love.



Confused customers don't buy! I specialize in clear messaging designed to capture the attention of your ideal customers. Use this messaging everywhere—your website, emails, and social media—to significantly grow business.



Your website is the most important asset for your business. (Nope, not Instagram! But I can help there, too.) I specialize in creating simple, functional websites that deliver the right information at the right time to make customers eager to buy.



Great photography sets you apart and gives you a bank of content for all your communications. For farms & businesses in the SE Pennsylvania area, I offer photography to make your website, email, and social accounts both beautiful & memorable.


Not a farmer? No problem.

Every single business can benefit from clear, impactful messaging, a user-friendly website, and marketing strategies that work for your business and your life.

If you're:
- tired of wondering whether your current marketing is actually working
- ready for a web presence that accurately reflects the quality of what you offer
- looking to grow your brand awareness and your sales
- overwhelmed trying to figure out marketing on your own,

I can help. Keep scrolling to book a free consultation today.


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What clients have to say

"As a small farm business, 'doing it all' was an unrealistic expectation. Branding ourselves, creating a marketing presence, building a website, and effectively communicating our message all seemed overwhelming. After a few conversations with Zoe and a photo shoot, she was able to capture our farm as a whole and transform it into an organized suite of beautiful photographs and clear, concise messaging. Zoe is a creative powerhouse with a relentless work ethic & perfectionist spirit that give her unparalleled prowess in her craft." 

Jordan McGinty, farmer at Neighbours Farmstead

"Zoe is a talented, hardworking communications professional with an intuition for understanding her audience, creating captivating content relevant to the medium, and lots of savvy digital skills. Zoe was instrumental in helping us launch our new website. She is also a pleasure to work with and an inspiring colleague who betters everyone around her." 

Diana Martin, director of communications at Rodale Institute

"Zoe's photography is an essential element of my business's marketing strategy and social media presence. I cannot stress how important it has been to have a variety of high quality images at my fingertips. Her attention to detail, color, and composition is finely tuned, and her creativity and innovation is astounding. I recommend her work to every entrepreneur I know looking to reinvigorate their marketing presence, and firmly believe that such an investment is key to success." 

Emma Cunniff, farmer and founder of Kneehigh Farm



Who I am

I'm a marketing expert.

I taught myself Photoshop and basic web coding in the 5th grade, and I've been obsessed with creative storytelling ever since. 

With my professional experience as a digital marketer, social media manager, photographer, graphic & web designer, magazine editor, and PR specialist, I've learned the secrets of successful marketing from all angles.  

Now, it's my passion to share my expertise with the farmers whose work matters so much to me and the world.

I'm a farmer.

When I'm not at my desk, I'm in the field. I once spent a year living out of my car while I volunteered on organic farms across America. I work part-time on the cut flower operation at Pasture Song Farm in Pottstown, PA, and I'm constantly scheming about what I can grow on the seven acre, wooded property where I live.

I've spent thousands of hours learning the ins, outs, challenges & thrills of farming on the ground directly, and I bring my passion for farming plus my technical knowledge of the industry to every job. 


Quick facts

I live in Bethlehem, PA.

I earned my bachelor's degree at Columbia University.

I fell in love with farming 10 years ago when my aunt and uncle bought a homestead in West Virginia. 

I'm a yoga teacher trained to the 500 hr level, an avid home cook, and I recently taught myself to metalsmith.


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